Brand Licensing & Global Distribution

The group is looking to expand its brand licensing and distribution portfolio and is well placed to do so. You can read more about our success in our CAT Apparel case study.

What do we do?

The brand licensing and distribution division has its own showrooms warehousing and sales and administration staff and works closely with our design and manufacture facilities. We look to expand this division by adding UK and European licenses and distribution deals of well known brands in the apparel footwear and accessories sectors. The key to being the best in this field we feel is to understand your market and our many years of experience in many markets gives us the necessary knowledge and skills to position the chosen brand in the right sector of the market not only to maximise sales for the brand but to preserve the brands integrity and keep it in the position that its heritage has earned it. We have long established relationships with key players in all areas of the globe with whom we would engage to develop distribution channels. Distributors would be chosen not only for their individual and specific market knowledge but also for their shared beliefs with us in straight and honest dealings right throughout their organisations. We have never been in this industry to ‘get rich quick’ as we have proved; we have grown with our customers and suppliers for over20 years and still deal with our original customers and suppliers to this day.

Do you want to work with us?

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